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who we are...

We are the place your family goes to for wholesome creative exploration!

Guided Creators is a nourishing environment for kids to explore creative classes and have fun learning together! We offer play-based curriculums with wholesome values, created for discovery and development.

At Guided Creators, we focus on having our students build and strengthen confidence, creativity, and communication skills.

what we do...

Conversational Spanish

Our play-based Spanish classes explore topics that are common in everyday situations with hands on activities that blend education and fun! 

Music + Movement

From wrist bells to rhythm sticks, and jungles to swamps, this class values exploration and fun! We’ll be singing and dancing as we “travel” the world!

Improv + Acting

With a focus on character development and relationships, students will explore several foundational improv and acting principles. Prepare for maximum laughter!

Voice Lessons

Anyone can sing beautifully. Let your voice shine by tuning into your instrument, aka your body, and learn to share your skills confidently and with ease! 

Guitar Lessons

Want to learn to play the guitar, but don't know where to start? Don't fret! Learn to play it yourself at your own pace. Our instructors meet you where you’re at!


Creating nourishing lives requires us to observe what your kids are about [reflection], guide them toward pursuing those interests [exploration], and repeat those steps as they build and strengthen their confidence, creativity, and communication skills to continue creating a life they love!

reflect - explore - nourish

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